I am an acute care nurse practitioner working in rural hospital medicine. I am a new provider working in a relatively new field for nurse practitioners. My license allows me to work independently in a place where there are low volumes of patients and no nightshift. I am the first nurse practitioner here to work as a hospitalist.  I am often caught between trying to prove that we as nurse practitioners can make it and be successful in this field, and trying to figure out what I am doing. I wanted to start a podcast to talk about some of the things I am learning and doing. I want to develop protocols for treatment and be up to date on the research. And I want to help others who are in this situation, trying to find that balance between proving worth and realizing inadequacies.

Rural medicine is particularly challenging. It’s hard to be knowledgeable in the entire breadth of patients we see here. Healthcare is this great monstrous organism that is always changing. I think the key is to know where healthcare is going. If you watch for the patterns and direction of movement, then you will know what to watch for. If you pay attention to what is being researched in sepsis care, then you’ll be watching for that next landmark study that changes everything about what we do. Knowing the direction of healthcare also means knowing where healthcare came from. So in this podcast, I will be trying to look at the past, what is current, and where we are going. I will try to point out the research results that weare still waiting for. I will cover pathophysiology. I want this podcast to be something that any healthcare worker can listen to and understand, from CNAs to nurses to any type of provider. I don’t want to give a list of steps to treat a specific diagnosis. I want to give the reason behind every treatment. I will make mistakes. I will probably get things wrong. Listen and then comment. Let this be a running dialog where we all help each other, as healthcare providers at all levels, to be better at what we do.

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